1. FHA Loans

    How to Estimate Your FHA House Payment

    Here's an Easy Way to Estimate a FHA Payment as you Prepare to Purchase your First Home   Great Credit Score - Payment will be about $75 for each $10,000 of the loan. Medium Credit Score - $80 for each $10,000 of the loan Below 580 Credit Score - $85 per each $10,000 Example good credit on $340k home $75x34 = $2,550.00 For more information on FHA loan qualifications for First time Homebuyers, che…Read More

  2. Banks Statement Loans

    Bank Statement Home Loans

    Bank Statement Home Loans Finally, a solution for the Self Employed, or those that don't like to submit tons of paperwork to get a loan.  All you need are some Bank Statements that proves revenues. Qualification for your Buyers just got Easier There has never been a simpler way to get a mortgage loan approved for previously restricted buyers, and YOUR BUYERS DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS. HOW DOES IT WOR…Read More

  3. Why We Are a Better Choice Than National Lenders

    I took a call from an FHA home buyer who had seen my FHA Video. He said he was already working with another lender and thought he had a pretty good deal — but asked if I would look over the disclosures the other lender sent to him. I'm a nice guy and said sure! (Truth be known... I knew we would end up with the loan because our rates and service beat everyone!   I was right — but had no idea …Read More

  4. Luxury Home Loans

    How to get a Luxury Home and AVOID Jumbo Requirements

    WALL STREET MONEY is making Jumbo lending easier By expanding the conventional Loan limits to $726,525 in Texas avoid Jumbo loan! NOW ... conventional high balance loans up to 90% LTV featuring exclusive M.I. Buyout to all of your buyers nationwide — even those outside of the counties eligible under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — instead of having to opt for a Jumbo loan. Details include: Mortga…Read More

  5. How Austin's Lender Closes Loans Fast

    Realtors: How to Tell if a Lender can Close a Loan Fast

    As a realtor, you are always looking for more leads and clients who are looking for new real estate, but we both know this is a waste of your time. You should be focusing on getting your current buyers through the process, help them get a loan, and sell them a home. At Austin’s Lender, we can help you make the loan process easy for your client. We put a lot of different software and programs in …Read More

  6. Credit Report

    The Real Truth about Credit Reports

    EVERY PERSON WITH A CREDIT REPORT SHOULD READ THIS SO THEY DO NOT MAKE STUPID REMARKS! If anyone EVER tells you that it is impossible to get negative items removed from a credit report — they are wrong! I have NEVER seen an item that could not be removed in my 25 plus years in the industry. I often hear people say "There is no way to have a negative item that belongs to a customer removed from t…Read More